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RSS/BJP's hidden plan to make India a Hindu Rashtra (Hindu Nation) by 2023
It has become clear recently that the RSS/BJP is making its agenda open. The agenda is to make India a Hindu nation by 2025 to mark 100 years of foundation of the RSS. One of the outfits of the RSS, Hindu Janajagriti Samiti (HJS), the offshoot of infamous Sanatan Sanstha founded by Pandurang Athawale is holding a seminar to this effect with 150 organisation : the point of discussion is how to make India a Hindu country by 2023. They see Adityanath's coming to power in UP as the beginning of the Hindu Rashtra. The readers who might be unfamiliar with Sanatan Sanstha should know that this is the terrorist organisation that gunned down Dabholkar, Pansare, and Kalburgi. It claimed the responsibility of the killings. This organisation brainwashes the youths and makes them terrorists.
How would the Hindu Rashtra look like?
When the RSS/BJP talks about Hindu nation, they ultimately talk about the rules of the Smriti, particularly Manu Smriti. They abhor the idea of India for all. For them, India belongs to the Brahmins, it was a dying wish of Tilak that he wanted the rule of the Brahmins back. He opposed the rights of the OBCs and SCs tooth and nail. The Hindu Rashtra will be run by the deep state in the form of RSS. Actually, though on the papers India is not a Hindu Rashtra, in practice, it is a Hindu Rashtra. The RSS is right at the centre of all powers. It is running the Government and it provides a steel frame to further its hidden agenda.
Why is Hindu Rashtra an impossibility?
The concept of the Hindu Rashtra is not tenable and it will lead to civil wars in India. The single reason behind it is that the Hindu society does not exist as a society. The HIndus are divided by the caste and they are less likely to united as the Hindu to make one community and one society. However, the greatest advantage the RSS is having is in the form of creation of Hindu Political consciousness. This consciousness has been systematically created by the RSS and elites in the Congress fold that there is a "Hindu Political Class". In reality, the Hindu political class also does not exist, but because of the party and election systems, the Hindu Political Class emerges. The Hindu political class do not emerge endogeniously (from within), it appears exogeniously (from without). As it cannot appear from within, it has to emerge from without. This process is very important to understand. The externality that creates the Hindu Political class is the Islam. That is the reason the Hindu fundamentalists pose Islam as anti-national and anti-Hindu. Given the history of Indian Islam, the trends is unique and that most of the Muslims in India are converted from the lower castes to escape the tyranny of the caste Hindus. The polarisation went so much further that India got divided into three different nation states.
The newly emerged state of Pakistan was a nation-state in transition and they needed a fairly simple equation to forge the nation which will keep the hegemony of the elites intact in Pakistan. They came up with the simple equation:
Pakistan=Islam + Urdu
Though Urdu was only spoken by 7 percent pf the Pakistani people then and Islam was not as radicalised as it is today. The democratic Pakistan would have shifted the power in the hands of the popular majority, in that case, the Bengalis. But we know what happened to Pakistan and it has become very fragile state because of these contradictions. Thanks to the greatness of Babasaheb Ambedkar, he came up with an entirely different equation and that is:
India= Justice + liberty + equality + fraternity
In this equation, India becomes truly people's republic and it has power to remove all the contradictions in India. India survived and will continue to survive with this equation. But the RSS/BJP have an entirely different equation which can keep the powers at teh hands of the Brahmins and India will remain a perpetually underdeveloped nation. Only developed community in India will be the Brahmins. The public equation of the RSS/BJP is:
India = Hindu + Hindi + Hindustan
If we compare the equation of the Pakistan and that of RSS, the pattern is the same. There is no difference in their approaches to keep the power at the hands of the elites. But, it is impossible to forge Hindu society, because the moment Hindus unite even as the Hindus as a community that will be the doom of Brahminism in India. The Brahmins in India only want Hindus as the political class, they do not want Hindus as a community to come into being. The consolidation of Hindus breaking all the caste barriers will destroy the hegemony of the Brahmins. Hence, in Hindu Rashtra, the caste system must survive and therefore the constitution must be replaced by the Manu Smriti.
So a real Hindu Rashtra can never come into being, what will come into being is a dictatorship if the Brahmins directly when the state is controlled by the RSS and its affiliates directly.
What will save this country?
Only Buddha-Phule-Shahu-Ambedkar's movement can save this country from falling into perpetual civil wars like conditions. It is this movement only that follows the equation:
India = Justice + Liberty + equality + fraternity
Only this movement can make this equation a reality. Only this movement has a potential to make India into a community, not based on caste, not based on religion, not based on gender, but based on the fact that all human beings are born equal and they have equal rights to live and not just live, but live with dignity.
The RSS/BJP's core is poisonous and anti-India. We have to stop it before it destroys our country which our forefathers built sacrificing so much.

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